Pure & clean air

Dust and dirt can wreak havoc on both your lungs and your car’s mechanical systems. Our expert technicians can install a new engine air filter to enhance your vehicle’s efficiency and lifespan. Or, we can replace your cabin air filter to keep the interior of your car feeling fresh and clean.

Cabin air filter change

Pollen, dust, mold and spores: A host of particles can affect the air quality inside your vehicle. Your passenger cabin has a filtered climate control system to block out these impurities.

Your Jiffy Lube® Technician can perform a visual inspection to determine if you need to replace your cabin air filter.

When to change a cabin air filter:

  • Check your vehicle manual, which recommends normal and severe replacement periods
  • If you regularly drive in challenging environments, or on dusty and dirty roads, it’s best to replace at the severe interval

If your cabin air filter is clogged with debris, your Jiffy Lube® Technician will know it’s time to replace it.


Engine air filter change

Daily driving kicks up dirt and dust into your vehicle. But, a clean engine air filter stops these airborne contaminants in their tracks. Combining pleated paper and a paper/foam breather, the technology prevents particles from entering the PCV (positive crankcase ventilation) valve.

If your engine filter becomes dirty and clogged, clean air gets blocked from entering inside, minimizing combustion and acceleration.

When to change an engine air filter:

  • Take a look at your vehicle manual, because it may recommend certain replacement intervals
  • Depending on your driving conditions, you may need to replace it at the moderate or severe interval

With a trained eye, our Jiffy Lube® Technicians can replace your engine air filter, ensuring you and your vehicle get the cleanest air possible.