Hit the open road with gusto

Smooth acceleration and efficient miles per gallon: Give your car its boost back. Jiffy Lube® can clean your vehicle’s fuel system, removing deposits that damper performance.

Fuel injector cleaning

Has your vehicle been slow moving, running sluggishly or not accelerating like it used to? The solution is likely in your fuel system.

Critical areas of the fuel system may be blocked with deposits, causing reduced fuel economy, loss of power and drivability issues. When the components of the fuel system get clogged with dirt and debris, it’s difficult for fuel and air to flow as it must to properly power your engine.

Your vehicle’s fuel system may need cleaning, or the fuel filter may need to be changed if you’re experiencing:

  • Difficulty starting engine
  • Changes in fuel economy
  • Rough idling
  • Poor or decreased acceleration

Using multistep cleaners, Jiffy Lube® offers a system-reviving service, including: 

  • Fuel injector cleaning
  • Combustion chamber cleaning
  • Fuel filter replacement

With the best tools, techniques and training at hand, Jiffy Lube® Technicians can clean your fuel system and restore it to its rightful glory.


Fuel filter replacement

Just as the name implies, the fuel filter is in charge of protecting your gas tank from dirt and unwanted contaminates that hinder the fuel system.

If the fuel filter has outworn its duty and is visibly steeped in debris, particles will begin to enter sensitive fuel system parts like the injectors. When this happens, serious drivability issues can result.

That’s why it’s essential to have a Jiffy Lube® Technician check and remove an old fuel filter, replacing it with a new one that’s recommended by your vehicle’s manufacturer.