Essential to every engine

A well-lubricated engine is vital to keeping your vehicle in top shape. When performing your oil change, we also provide a comprehensive maintenance check to maximize your vehicle’s performance.

How often to change oil

From lubricating and cleaning to cooling and protecting, engine oil keeps your car’s mechanical parts running smoothly and seamlessly.

But, our customers often ask: How many times a year should you actually get your oil changed?

At Jiffy Lube, we recommend changing your oil approximately every 5,000 kilometres, or at least twice a year. That’s the best way to prevent contamination and water build-up in your engine.

Be sure to check your Jiffy Lube® window cling to find your recommended oil change interval.

Synthetic oil change

Boost your car’s performance with our preferred synthetic oil, Pennzoil®.

Created from clean natural gas, this brand contains far fewer impurities than traditional crude oil. Its revolutionary technology protects against friction better than any leading synthetic oil, keeping pistons up to 30% cleaner.

Choose Pennzoil® and you’ll feel the difference.

  • Enhances your fuel economy: Adds 880+ km mileage every year
  • Protects from loss of horsepower: Keeps your engine running fast
  • Experiences less wear and tear: Reduces friction and build-up
  • Performs in extreme temperatures: Flows freely in the hot and cold

We also provide a comprehensive maintenance check, including:

  • Oil filter replacement
  • Mechanical inspection
  • Window cleaning
  • Chassis lubrication (where applicable)
  • Tire pressure check
  • Service review

Plus, certain participating locations provide:

  • Additional fluid top-offs (maximum 2 L)
  • Interior floor vacuuming

Every Pennzoil oil change is backed by a lubrication limited warranty.

Ask your Jiffy Lube® Technician how you can benefit from our preferred synthetic oil brands today.