Out with the old & in with the new

As the seasons change, it’s essential to make sure your engine and cabin temperatures do too. Keep your radiator humming just right at your local Jiffy Lube®.

Radiator flush

Anyone who has experienced the struggle of being stranded with an overheated or frozen engine knows it all too well: Regularly replacing antifreeze (aka engine coolant) is a must.

A vehicle’s engine cooling system regulates the engine temperature. It also heats and cools the vehicle’s cabin, keeping passengers comfortable in any weather.

If trouble occurs in this system, your engine can overheat, causing unnecessary and expensive damage to components of the vehicle. That’s why a radiator flush and engine coolant change are recommended, based on your vehicle’s maintenance schedule.

Before we add fresh fluid to your radiator, we flush out the system, getting rid of the used coolant and preparing for the new.


Engine coolant change

We’re experts at keeping your radiator fluids exactly to specification. Known by two names, engine coolant and antifreeze, this liquid circulates through a vehicle’s radiator and engine to:

  • Reduce excess engine heat
  • Lubricate the water pump
  • Prevent corrosion

Ensure your cooling system performs for years to come by getting an expert radiator flush and engine coolant change at Jiffy Lube®.